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PortfolioInteractive Design
INTERNET Web Sites role
Elizabeth Souther Insurance GroupInitial site design, programming and production - no longer maintaining
Dagan DesignSite programming, production
In House Furniture
Site design,PHP MySQL HTML, Flash
Kathy ValentineSite design, Flash, PHP MySQL HTML
AngelwearSite design, PHP MySQL HTML
Carla OlsonSite design, PHP HTML
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CD-ROM Digital Style Guides
Chicken Soup for the SoulProgrammed - Director (lingo); production art
Mr. MagooProgrammed - Director (lingo); interface / screen design
Bananas In Pajamas Vol.2Programmed - Director (lingo); interface / screen design
Bananas in PajamasProgrammed - Director (lingo); screen art
Enhanced CD
Nico - Blind MelonProgrammed - Director (lingo); interface / screen design
Greatest Hits - The DoorsProgrammed - Director (lingo); interface / screen design
Off the Beaten Path - Dave KozProgrammed - Director (lingo); production art
Razor Blade Suitcase CD-ROM - BushProgrammed - Director (lingo); interface / screen design
Paramount / Viacom Clip Guide
(clip library cd-rom / database - licensing)
Programmed - Director (lingo);
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IRMTV.COMFlash animation for site subscription ad
Avalanche PublishingFlash animation, original music
IRMTV music videoFlash animation
Lynn AndersonSplash screen
Michael Ochs ArchivesInitial site design, programming
Destiny Music WorksDemo Site design and programming, logo designs, cd and vinyl disc art, postcards
In House FurnitureQTVR, 3d rendering / illustration for publication and trade shows
consultingFlash, Director, javascript, cgi, php, installers
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Items without links are available by cd-rom / interview (some examples will be cached onsite soon).

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